About CF42s Apparel

Welcome to the CF42 Print-on-Demand Apparel Store. Our model offers members an expansive selection of CF42-branded merchandise, enabling preference and convenience. Upon selection, items are printed by our supplier and dispatched directly to your doorstep.

Our collection exclusively features AS Colour products, a brand synonymous with superior quality in the fitness clothing sector. This partnership ensures durability and excellence, reflecting our commitment to providing our members with high quality apparel. Please note, the availability of our apparel may fluctuate throughout the year, influenced by demand and seasonal trends.

The process is straightforward: members select the CF42 merchandise of their choice, and the order is then forwarded to our Queensland-based supplier. There, your selections are printed and shipped directly to you, ensuring a personalised and efficient shopping experience. 

Since CF42 Apparel operates on a print-on-demand basis, there is a standard turnaround period of seven days. This duration accounts for the time required for our supplier to print and then dispatch your chosen products. Consequently, customers should anticipate that orders may take up to two weeks for delivery.

By choosing CF42 Degrees South Apparel, you not only support our gym but also embrace your role in our community. Wearing our apparel signifies pride in belonging to the CF42 Degrees South family, a community brought together by functional fitness.